• Added Shoot Through Wall
  • Added Select Entity (STW) (For example: Cupboard)
  • Added SavePos (Desync Autoshoot)
  • Added Box (2D/Corner)
  • Added Recoil X/Y customization
  • Added Shoot Through Wounded
  • Added Show Grenade/Explosive Trajectory
  • Added No Weapon Animation
  • Added RapidFire
  • Added No Head Collision
  • Added Instant Loot Crate
  • Added SpeedHack Violation Indicator
  • Added Teleport
  • Added AutoMed
  • Added Auto Update Craft Queue
  • Added Auto Code Lock
  • Added Change Code Lock
  • Added Suicide Key
  • Added Ability to give a bag with only a SteamID on the clipboard
  • Added LootHelper
  • Added Paste From Clipboard in to player list
  • Fixed some crashes

All configs deleted. Users need to create a new.
Enjoy 🤩

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