Radiance | Rust

update 🚨

  • 4/5 Mouse Buttons Support 😋
  • Bullet Tracers (Time, Intensive)
  • Autoshoot (All / In FOV)
    • Check Bullet TP
    • Extended Mode (Low Performance)
  • NPC Distance limit
  • Randomize Recoil/Spread
  • Prediction Dot Visualization
  • Authlist To AutoTurret
  • Vending Machine In World Esp
  • Instant Last Code ( In codelock last code button works without animation)
  • Auto Disarm Landmines
  • Now in settings “Insert From Clipboard” adds a new Player
  • Esp сhams will be colored in friend color for friends
  • Сursor will now appear when the menu appears
  • Indicators now animated
  • Warning functions highlighted in separate colour
  • Block Server Commands no longer crash
  • AntiBarrier has been fixed on transports (Train, cargo)
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