Satan5 | CS-GO


• Windows 10 & 11
• Intel & AMD

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General (Active, Activation Type[Always On, On Attack, On Key], Non-Sticky Aimbot, While flashed, through smoke, Through walls[Full, Legit], Silent Aim, Automatic fire, Only aim if hitable)

Target Selection (Target Type[Enemies, Team, All], Target Selection[2D FOV, 3D FOV], Hitchance, Autowall minimum damage)

Recoil Control (RCS active, RCS mode[Smooth, Alternate, New], RCS aimbot, RCS standalone, RCS Strength, RCS pistols, RCS snipers)

Movement (FOV, Smooth, Delay, Aimtime, Slowaim factor)

Backtrack (Active, Backtrack Only, Skeletons, Backtrack model, Backtrack team, Max time)

Misc (Highlight Target, Draw 2D FOV [Static, Dynamic], Auto pistol, Aimstep, Huminaze smooth, Auto stop, Auto scope, BAim if lethal)


General (Activation Type[Always on, When dead, On Key])

Chams (Active, Players visible, Players invisible, Enemy only, Material[Normal, Color, Translucent], Hands[Normal, None, Glass, Color], Viewmodel[Normal, None, Glass, Color])

World ESP (Active, Box, Name, C4 info, Glow)

Players (Active, Enemy only, Box, Name, Health, Heahlth bar, Ammo bar, Armor bar, Weapon, Glow, Highlight visible, Visible only, Spotted only, Flags, Skeleton, Aim line, Ingame radar, Dormant ESP, Head marker, Light, Light radius)

Effects (Player FOV, Viewmodel FOV, Flash removal, Disable Post-Processing, Remove Scope overlay, Nightmode, No visual recoil, No Smokes, Change Skybox)

Sound ESP (Player ESP from sound, PLayer ESP only from sound, Visualize footsteps)

Radar (Radar Active, Radar style[Solid, Seethrough], Radar Scale)

Local Player (Thirdperson, TP Distance, TP local opacity, Model style[Normal, Chams + Glow]), Show


Player (Active, Bunnyhop, Auto strafe, Recoil crosshair, Sniper crosshair, Grenade prediction, Crouch exploit, Edge-jump, Player List)

Anti-Aimbot (Fakelag, Fakelag Mode[Static], Strength, Legit antiaim, Preserve while fire, Slow walk, Slow walk factor)

Knifebot (Active, Backtrack only)

Other (Auto Accept, Scoreboard ranks, Ingame inventory, Allow capture, Show spectators, Hitmarker, Chat advertise, Clantag[Default, Static, Scroll, Build, Build2], Change speed, Namechanger, Item purchases, Bypass sv_cheats, Unlock hidden cvars, Dump player stats)


General (Active, Activation Type [On Key, Always on], Triggerkey, Target Type[Enemies, Team, All], Through smoke, Through walls, Use backtrack, Delay, Hitchance, Safe Point[Resolver, Force])

Skin Changer (Active, Inspect changes, Apply to all, Knifechanger, Wear, Seed, StatTrak)

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