Quantum | EFT


• Windows 10
• Intel & AMD
• Built-In Spoofer

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[+] HWID Spoofer Included


[ESP Features]

‎[+] Player ESP
‎[+] Scav ESP
‎[+] Name ESP
‎[+] Skeleton ESP
‎[+] Box ESP
‎[+] Distance ESP
‎[+] Item ESP
‎[+] Quest Items
‎[+] Extraction ESP
‎[+] Grenade ESP

[Aimbot Features]

[+] Aimbot
[+] PSilent
[+] Prediction
[+] Aim Spot Changer
[+] Aim key
[+] Draw FoV
[+] FoV Slider
[+] Smoothing
[+] Aim Distance
[+] Aim Mode
[+] Draw Crosshair

[Radar Features]

[+]Radar background
[+]Radar Outline
[+]Radar Cross
[+]Radar Zoom

[Memory Features]

[+]No Recoil
[+]No Spread
[+]No Sway
[+]Instant Aim
[+]Fly Up/Down
[+]Fly Level
[+]Instant Examine
[+]Unlimited Oyxgen
[+]Unlimited Stamina

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