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• Windows 10
• Intel & AMD

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[ Media ]
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[ Visuals]

▸Combat Mode
▸Combat Mode Hotkey
▸Players Max Dist.
▸Players Bones
▸Players Bones Max Dist.
▸Player Info
▸Player Distance
▸Item in Hands
▸Health Max Dist.
▸Bots Max Dist.
▸Bots Bones
▸Bots Bones Max Dist.
▸Item In Hands
▸Health Bots
▸Health Max Dist.
▸Ammo Count
▸Crosshair Size


▸Normal Aimbot
▸Silent Aimbot
▸Aimbot Hotkey
▸Bone selection
▸Aimbot Max Dist.
▸Aimbot FOV
▸Circle FOV
▸Swap Instant
▸Lock Mode
▸Draw Aim Line


▸Loot Max Dist.
▸Items Distance
▸Items Distance
▸Corpses Max. Dist
▸Corpses Bones
▸Corpses Bones Max Dist.
▸Price Per Slot/Total Price selection
▸Price Slider
▸Item Filter

[Item Filter]

▸Toggle key
▸Tags List
▸Item List
▸Search Bar


▸Wide color selection (including transparency)


▸Silent Loot (< 4 meters)
▸Silent Loot HotKey
▸No Recoil
▸No Spread
▸Infinite Stam
▸Instant Aim
▸Instant Hit
▸Strip Attachments
▸Thermal Vision
▸Thermal Vision Hotkey
▸Night Vision
▸Night Vision Hotkey
▸No Visor
▸No Fall
▸No Fall Hotkey
▸No Fall Up HotKey
▸No Fall Down HotKey
▸Multi Search
▸Loot Through Walls
▸Loot Through Walls Sensitivity
▸Loot Through Walls Hotkey
▸Faster Magazine Management
▸High Jump
▸High Jump Value
▸Speed Hack
▸Speed Value
▸SpeedHack Hotkey
▸Activate Switches on labs

▸Language Selection (English, Russian, Chinese)


▸Save/Load settings
▸Restart cheat (close game > restart cheat > restart game)
▸Exit cheat (exit cheat > restart pc without bsod)

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