Product Updates

RU Terrabs | EFT

We have informed the developer of the ongoing issue and we will announce an update when there is a new loader/fix.

Radiance | Rust

update 🚨

  • Added Silent Stash
  • Font “Default” was changed to a better one
  • Added New Chams to Arms, Weapon (Wire Rainbow/Trippy/Golden/Candy)
  • Added Area parameter to AutoTurret
  • Now in AuthList (Cupboard, SleepingBag, Bed) Enemies and friends are highlighted in a different color
  • Bug fixes, crashes fixes

Nextar | Fortnite


FN will be updated to the latest game version! <:syntax:1097865487129514116>
FN has updated all ACs BE + EAC

This update will take longer than usual


Arctic | Fortnite

arctic full is down huge update coming later today improving lots of things.

Shadow | Valorant

After further investigation and some small maintenance we have brought valorant full and lite back on, some users had gotten banned so we took the products down, found the issue, fixed it, and now the loader is updated/online, and time is compensated

Radiance | Rust

update pushed
downtime was compensated +11 Days
check your keys

  • reworked menu
  • reworked world esp
  • added SpoofName
  • added 2d healthbar
  • some bug fixes and security update

Configs will be deleted to avoid crashes when loading old configs


Fixed a bunch of small website bugs, if you come across any please message drew.
Status page is updated 24/7, and everything is restocked!


The ABS database encountered a little problem. We rolled back the database to the data before 5 hours. If you register or recharge within these 5 hours, you need to re-register and recharge (old keys).

Nextar | Fortnite

[+] Team Mate Check
[+] Show FPS
[+] Small update for Normal & Corner Box [+] Skeleton Smaller but fixed

[+] Loader Update (Stops the loader after a certain time after the key has expired. Prevents users from keeping the loader open after the key expires.)

Murk | DayZ

We are happy to announce that the tests were successful, the problem was identified and it was immediately fixed, we added 3 days to all subscriptions, thanks for the active tests, the status of the dayz was not detected again

С радостью сообщаем о том, что тесты прошли успешно, была выявлена проблема и сразу ее устранили, добавили всем 3 дня к подпискам, спасибо за активные тесты, статус дейз снова не обнаружен

我们很高兴地宣布测试成功,发现问题并立即修复,我们为所有订阅增加了 3 天,感谢积极测试,当天的状态没有再次检测到

Wir freuen uns, Ihnen mitteilen zu können, dass die Tests erfolgreich waren, das Problem identifiziert und sofort behoben wurde, wir allen Abonnements 3 Tage hinzugefügt haben, vielen Dank für die aktiven Tests, der Status dayz Tages wurde nicht erneut erkannt