Product Updates


Nextar will be undergoing maintenance the next few days, website errors or mistakes may occur. Please be patient as we slowly move back into business!

Discord Announcement

Our discord has been getting targeted and deleted recently. We will have a new server up soon, for any support needs please contact me on discord..

Radiance | Rust

update 🚨

  • 4/5 Mouse Buttons Support 😋
  • Bullet Tracers (Time, Intensive)
  • Autoshoot (All / In FOV)
    • Check Bullet TP
    • Extended Mode (Low Performance)
  • NPC Distance limit
  • Randomize Recoil/Spread
  • Prediction Dot Visualization
  • Authlist To AutoTurret
  • Vending Machine In World Esp
  • Instant Last Code ( In codelock last code button works without animation)
  • Auto Disarm Landmines
  • Now in settings “Insert From Clipboard” adds a new Player
  • Esp сhams will be colored in friend color for friends
  • Сursor will now appear when the menu appears
  • Indicators now animated
  • Warning functions highlighted in separate colour
  • Block Server Commands no longer crash
  • AntiBarrier has been fixed on transports (Train, cargo)

Ring-1 | R6S

Rainbow Six Siege just got a new update!

  • New test version online!
  • Should work for all custom builds.

We will leave status on testing for a while, so please test!

Radiance | Rust

update 🚨

  • Improved Bullet TP 🙂
  • Added New distance for bullet tp – Extreme
  • Added New Angles for bullet tp
  • Now With Enabled “Extend For Mountable” Autoshoot will be shooting in possible angles

Radiance fully safe. Tests were conducted and no anomalies are detected.

Arctic | Fortnite

(arctic full down for update) getting ready for new season so major update before or on season update.

Klar | R6S

Information regarding KlarSix

Yep, we know. Downtimes suck!

Due to illness, personal reasons and some changes related to the product, KlarSix will stay down for some more days.

We are planning to release the Lite Version within the next few days.

Thanks for your patience.

Fecurity | War Thunder



• Added front 3d box color

• Added Reload bar

• Added Zoom Blur Remove Option

• Added Zoom Override

• Added Projectile ESP (Smokes, Rockets, Bombs)

• Added Auto DPI Scale Calibration (for 2k, 4k, … monitors)

• Added Saving Setting System


• Добавлена настройка цвета передней части бокса

• Добавлен показ перезарядки вооружения

• Добавлена возможность отключения блюра в прицеливании

• Добавлена возможность кастомного зума

• Добавлено отображение Смоков, Ракет, Бомб

• Добавлена автоматическая калибровка DPI Scale (Для 2к, 4к мониторов)

• Добавлена система сохранения настроек

RU Terrabs | EFT

Loader link updated, make a ticket if you need it.

RU Terrabs | EFT

We have informed the developer of the ongoing issue and we will announce an update when there is a new loader/fix.