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What is Nextar?

Nextar is a cheat reselling business that was started in March 2022. We have excelled in the market due to our top notch support team and extremely experienced infrastructure team. We provide the most unique and reliable products for the best prices and the best customer support. 

Support Team

Most of our support are paid for their work and time helping customers troubleshoot any occurring issues with products. We are known to be extremely quick and efficient getting you the most time out of your product.

Products for all games

We provide products for every game we possibly can, we try to find the most quality products on the market to make sure you guys stay dominating the competition in your favorite games.

Reviews & Customers

We have 1,000's of positive reviews and happy customers, feel free to join our discord to have a live experience with our satisfied returning customers.

Kernaim Products

KernAim is a great choice for someone who is looking to stay under the radar and safe during their experience, we recommend KernAim for the beginners and the experienced!
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Looking for answers?

Nextar is better than most competitors for various reasons. We care about our customers and understand both perspectives, being the buyer and the seller. We update our product status as soon as we are aware of updates so customers can view the status information before injecting. Overall you will just have a better experience buying from Nextar.

There is always a risk of a ban even with an "Undetected" product, if you plan on using cheats we recommend you do not use an account you care about. 

Delivery is instant. The delivery can be found in your email and/or on the website. If you have trouble finding it, create a discord ticket. 

We have a strict EULA Policy (End User License Agreement). In short we reserve the right to deny any refund at any time. Since our services provide electronic, digital goods we do not offer refunds on used digital goods. You will not receive any refund for partial usage of the services provided, please make sure the subscription you are going to purchase is right for you. Any queries or arising issues that are not the customers fault can be resolved through the provided support systems.

We accept all payment methods, PayPal, Cashapp, All Crypto currencies and Debit & Credit card. 


"Money well spent. Haven't had a single issue. As expected."
"Great product with great features. Insanely easy to setup and use"
"Great purchase would def recommend to anyone that is trying to get into cheating."
"Amazing cheat, and extremely cheap. Visuals are outstanding!"